Tiger 5.5 Cup Rice cooker JPK-G10A Pressure Induction Heating (IH)

$635.00 INC. GST

Induction Heating

Pressure Cooker

5 Layer inner Pot

21 Functions


We have achieved delicious, fluffy rice with the development of the “5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot” and pressure IH technology. Simply putting the ingredients in to the rice cooker, it enables to make daily meals delicious and convenient with shorter cooking hours or with slow cooking menu.


“Induction heating”, the “5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot” and “Pressure” realize to cook delicious rice.

The IH coils are arranged to fully wrap the pot and recreate the strong heat of an open fire.

Layers of different metals improve the heat diffusion. “IH” generates “high heat power” and the heat is transmitted quickly and directly to the rice, allowing each grain of rice to cook uniformly and fluffy.


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